Friday, May 3, 2024

 New Launch in West Lafayette!

This fall I engaged with several folks who  are starting a new ministry to high school students.  We have been doing some initial training and asking the Lord for unique opportunities to meet and engage with students. There was a Bible club on campus that was content serving the believers on campus, but my contacts were hoping to be able to minister to students who don't know Christ.

As Dennis and Nancy spoke with their students they came up with the idea of having a Worldview Club - Oasis.  Each month they will share a different worldview topic and then the crowd would discuss their different views based on what was shared.  Valentine's day was the first meeting of the club. 

Hear is a brief report of the Oasis meeting that was shared with me. 
" 19 students were there with lots of non-Christian students in attendance.  Active discussion took place, with some of it hot. The speaker stayed on topic and the moderator handled his obligations very well.  The non-Christian students kept interrupting with good questions.  It is my prayer that the students will return next month to continue engaging in fruitful discussion."

Rejoice with us as we celebrate the steps of faith and the interest among those who attended. Pray that they return!

Educator Summer Mission Applications and Acceptance       
We have accepted our first four students for the Educator Summer mission this summer.  We also have another application that is awaiting references and another eight students who have begun the application process. Please pray for twenty students to join us this summer, God's right twenty!

  300x30 - Launching 300 New Movements by 2030
What will it take for us to reach every middle and high school with the gospel? How can we know that every student will have an opportunity to respond in faith to Jesus Christ?  What is Cru High School's responsibility to make sure that happens?  These are the questions that the team I am working with are thinking through.  The big idea is to see God launch 300 new movements of evangelism and discipleship across the country by the end of 2030.  We are trusting God to move in the hearts of his people to invest money, prayer and finances with us to see that vision accomplished. Pray for us as we create the materials to call others to join with us in this adventure and then engage others to partner with us!.

We are so grateful for your excitement and support of our ministry. We are humbled by your participation in the gospel with us.  We couldn't do our work if God hadn't moved you to join with us!

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